Stevie Wonder & Common – A Common Wonder (Full Album)

A Common Wonder
“Have we really gone this far between space and time…or is this a vision in my mind?” -Stevie Wonder
Transcending space and time, Amerigo Gazaway‘s latest Soul Mates project envisions an extended studio session between living legends Stevie Wonder and Common. A return to the soul meets hip-hop formula of his Marvin Gaye + Yasiin Bey pairing Yasiin Gaye, Gazaway connects the dots between hip-hop and the genre’s predecessor with a musical history lesson told through the intersecting themes of Common and Stevie’s respective catalogues. As Gazaway put it:
“Stevie Wonder’s early use of synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers, in a lot of ways paved the way for hip-hop and sampling. Part of my motivation for this project was to highlight those contributions.”
Picking up where Common and Stevie’s 2016 Black America Again, single left off, Amerigo brings his imagined recording session to life with a slew of uncovered resources (including multitrack instrument stems, interview audio, and documentary soundbites.) Re-orchestrating deconstructed samples, the producer interweaves Common’s vivid wordplay and Wonder’s passionate vocals for a project that blurs the line between a “mashup” and a modern day duets album.

1. Intro Theme (I Wonder)
2. I Was Made To Love H.E.R. `
3. Living For The Chi-City
4. Ressurection To Higher Ground
5. Bad Girl (feat. Kanye West)
6. The Sixth Superstition
7. Innervision Intermission
8. Sugar by The Pound
9. For Once In My Life (feat. Erykah Badu)
10. Like They Used to Say
11. God Bless the Freestyle
12. The Light (I’m Yours) (feat. Bobby Caldwell)
13. Southside (feat. Kanye West)
14. Pop’s Rap (feat. Lonnie Lynn, Sr.)
15. The Sixth Wonder (Bonus Track)


A Common Wonder

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