The Goodwill Projects – Milorgia: And So The Flies Don’t Come To Georgia

Milo & Georgia Anne Muldrow - Milorgia: And So The Flies Don't Come To Georgia

Georgia Anne Muldrow and rapper Milo (R.A.P. Ferreira) are sonically combined on a new conceptual collaboration from The Goodwill Projects. Listen to ‘Milorgia: And So The Flies Don’t Come To Georgia‘ (with cover art provided by Amerigo Gazaway).
Literally mined from a dream state, ‘Milorgia’ (pronounced “My-lore-jah”) became a musical conversation between Georgia Anne Muldrow and Milo (R.A.P. Ferreira). Exploring a new found evolution of their kinetically oscillating energies.
As the fates would have it, these sources channeled into a cohesive puzzle and in-turn a temporary world where the two artists breathe, dance, co-create and fuse together into one entire fluid body. From their seeds, birthing ‘Milorgia: And So The Flies Don’t Come To Georgia’.
“This is so dope. the homie is making a ‘milorgia’ project, of georgia anne muldrow and i in conversation thru our music. my favorite living artist is G.A.M. so im jus delighted someone would include me in her sphere.”
– Milo (R.A.P. Ferreira)

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