Amerigo Gazaway & DJ DN³ – Another World (Single + Video)

Listen to ‘Another World‘, the first single/video from Amerigo GazawayDJ DN³‘s upcoming full length project, Radical Dreamers‘.

Introducing ‘Radical Dreamers’ by emcee Amerigo Gazaway and producer DJ DN³ – an album that ignites the flame of radical pursuit and encapsulates the essence of chasing one’s dreams fearlessly. The project boasts features from Mega Ran as well as SkyBlew, and is a perfect blend of nostalgia for hip hop fans and retro gamers alike.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic ‘Chrono Cross’ game, ‘Another World’ poses profound questions about alternate realities and the discovery of a world split in two. With a captivating narrative, it sparks contemplation about the choices we would make if faced with extraordinary circumstances.

This track is an homage to ‘Chrono Cross,’ a game that has always held a special place in my heart. Yasunori Mitsuda‘s enchanting soundtrack played a pivotal role in shaping my music, and this track is my way of paying tribute to that magical world of alternate realities and time-traveling adventures.” – Amerigo Gazaway

Watch the music video, stream/download the single and stay tuned for the full album dropping November 17th via RandomBeats Music x Retrograde Arcade (just in time for the anniversary of Chrono Cross).


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