Amerigo Gazaway & DJ DN³ – Wings of Time (Single + Video)

Amerigo Gazaway & DJ DN³ - Wings of Tme (Single)

Watch the game-inspired music video for  ‘Wings of Time‘ , another single from Amerigo Gazaway & DJ DN³‘s upcoming full length album Radical Dreamers‘.

Introducing ‘Radical Dreamers‘ by emcee Amerigo Gazaway and producer DJ DN³ – an album that ignites the flame of radical pursuit and encapsulates the essence of chasing one’s dreams fearlessly.

With a title inspired by the treasure seeking-bandits from the game ‘Chrono Cross‘, this album weaves together melodic hip-hop beats, razor-sharp lyricism, the allure of gaming, and the profound longing to fulfill one’s aspirations. The album boasts features from Mega Ran as well as SkyBlew, and is a perfect blend of nostalgia for hip hop fans, gamers and lovers of retro JRPGs alike.

Wings of Time‘ propels us into a world where we possess our own time-traveling airship. It explores the boundless excitement of exploration and the yearning to venture into unexplored realms. The infectious Daft Punk-inspired hook beckons us to embrace the treasures awaiting us on this extraordinary journey.

*Digital single download also includes a printable ‘Wings of Timepaper airship template (along with instruction guide) which contains a secret link to an exclusive remix.

Wings of Time (Paper Airplane Model)

Listen to the single, pre-order the vinyl/cd/cassette and stay tuned for the full album dropping November 17th via RandomBeats Music x Retrograde Arcade (just in time for the anniversary of Chrono Cross).

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