Amerigo Gazaway – Thalatta’s Grand Heist (Original Game Soundtrack)

Listen to the original soundtrack for “Thalatta’s Grand Heist”, an underwater themed indie adventure/puzzle game by Enigma Dragons, with music composed by Amerigo Gazaway. Full OST now available via Retrograde Arcade.

Embark on an epic underwater heist in ‘Thalatta’s Grand Heist‘, a thrilling adventure game set in the depths of the ocean. You play as Thalatta, a cunning thief on a mission to steal back the legendary Crown of the Tides from the clutches of the evil goddess Ceto.

Explore an ancient submerged temple filled with treacherous obstacles, and fiendish traps. Discover summon spells to aid you in your quest. Match wits against a devious rival thief who seeks the Crown for their own ambitious purposes. It’s a race against time to reclaim the Crown and restore balance to the tides.

Uncover the secrets of the temple, master Thalatta’s skills, and prove yourself as the greatest thief in the seven seas! Can you rise to the challenge and pull off the heist of the century? Dive in and find out!

Play the full game here:

Amerigo Gazaway - Thalatta's Grand Heist (Original Game Soundtrack)


1. Temple of The Abyss

2. Thalatta’s Theme

3. Second Wind

4. Ceto’s Theme

5. The Crown of Tides

6. A Triumphant Return

7. Lost at Sea

8. Poseidon’s Palace

9. Victory Fanfare

10. Temple FX

P.S. All ‘Retrograde Arcade’ game soundtracks are royalty-free, meaning you can sample/remix/use them in your productions with no clearance required. For use in major label placements or sync with film, tv games and commercials contact info@amerigomusic (details in Bandcamp descriptions)BUY CD

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