Amerigo Gazaway & Satoru – The Battle (Single)

Amerigo Gazaway & Satoru - The Battle (Single)

“There’s nowhere to run, ’cause the battle has just begun” -AG

In the spirit of battle rap, emcee Amerigo Gazaway decided to step into the ring and take on the ultimate opponent in a duel of verbal warfare…himself. Listen to ‘The Battle‘, produced by Satoru below.

Following the intense rap rivalry between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, Amerigo confronts his own ego in a fierce lyrical showdown of wit and wordplay. With razor-sharp verses and a hard-hitting instrumental provided by Satoru, the emcee navigates the complexities of self-doubt and self-assurance, ultimately striving for triumph over his inner adversary.

This song is also a follow up to our collaborative track ‘Another You‘, which explores the inner depths of the of the mind, alter egos, self-discovery and personal growth.


1. The Battle

2. The Battle [Radio Edit]

3. The Battle [Instrumental]

4. The Battle [Acapella]


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