Amerigo Gazaway – Not Like Us (Single)

“Ain’t showing no love, ’cause you’re not like us” -AG

Listen to ‘Not Like Us‘ – a scathing diss track by producer and emcee Amerigo Gazaway, originally crafted two decades ago. The song is a sharp rebuke aimed at a rival rapper who shamelessly stole one of his beats. In a clever twist, Gazaway reclaims his creation by flipping the script and spitting fiery bars over the very same track that was stolen.

Sampling a 1970’s children’s record, ‘Not Like Us’ is a testament to Amerigo’s early genius and relentless creativity as an artist. By utilizing the help of AI stem separation technology, this previously lost gem has now been digitally restored and released as a fitting nod to Kendrick Lamar’s recent Drake diss track of the same name. With sharp lyrics and an unforgettable backstory, “Not Like Us” showcases Gazaway’s early ingenuity and knack for turning adversity into artful satire.


1. Not Like Us

2. Not Like Us [Radio Edit]

3. Not Like Us [Instrumental]

4. Not Like Us [Acapella]


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