Rick James & The Soul Mates – Thank You (Video + Single)

 BIG thanks to everyone that subscribed to our new $3/monthly Bandcamp subscription service.  As a gesture of appreciation, check out Amerigo’s Rick James & Jay-Z rework, “Thank You”. Sampling Rick James’ 1983 Album-Of-The-Year [sung] acceptance speech (broadcast via satellite from James’ home studio), Gazaway reimagines the moment with a fitting guest verse from Jay-Z and repurposed drums courtesy of Questlove […]

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Make Love to My Car / Int’l Blues Players Anthem (Music Video) Under the Soul Mates Records banner of “collaborations that never were,” Amerigo Gazaway’s latest imagines a recording session between Blues great, BB King, and Texas rap legends, UGK. Aptly titled “BB & The Underground Kingz: The Trill is Gone,” the producer seamlessly bridges the gap between hip-hop and its predecessor, the blues. Download the

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Apple iPad Commercial: “Jason’s Verse”

Following the release of Amerigo’s acclaimed Marvin Gaye/Mos Def conceptual collaboration “Yasiin Gaye,”  The Soul Mates Records worked closely with Apple’s creative team to develop the soundtrack for the latest commercial in their “What Will Your Verse Be” marketing campaign, “Jason’s Verse.” Settling on a revamped version of Amerigo’s “Yasiin Gaye” single “You Are Undeniable,

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“The Good Man” Film Soundtrack

Working with acclaimed film maker Phil Harrison, The Soul Mates Records contributed the soundtrack to a pivotal scene in “The Good Man” film.  Taking top prizes in several international film festivals, “The Good Man” found it’s US release in October of 2014. Amazon: Itunes:

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